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Designed to make your shopping a rewarding experience, Gio Delicatesse presents you with only the finest products available on the market and from all over the world.

At Gio Delicatesse we take pride in offering you an unsurpassed selection of the finest and most rare spirits and wines, some of which are neither available nor found on the market. Being our own importers and distributors of alcoholic beverages, and without the extra costs and charges, we take pride in proposing the best prices on the market. Our bottles are carefully selected to stand out, whether they fill your collection, your table, or come as a gift.

For the Cuban savor lovers, an astounding assortment of the best cigars is available, as well as their accessories and maintenance commodities. 

On the food side you will discover a wide variety of the best cuts of local and international meat imported straight from Japan, Holland, Australia and America. Poultry, Foie Gras, and weekly arrivals of fresh Salmon and caviar are also presented.

The large selection of European cold cuts and cheeses, often accompanied by the scent of crisp warm baguettes will awaken the desire for cozy gatherings around a friendly table, with a glass or two of your favorite wine.

The appetizing local dairy products will serve as a perfect breakfast, or perhaps will a freshly baked croissant or fine French pastry tempt you?  

A walk through the alleys will make you discover the wide choice of products we present; a variety of European and American products not found anywhere else, fresh, daily picked fruits and vegetables and a Lebanese “mouneh” produced and made by Gio Delicatesse.

Our wish to serve as best as we can has pushed us to create in-house catering services where our internationally trained chefs prepare daily dishes, salads and pastries that will, without a doubt, seduce you.


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